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I learned that my wife was unfaithful to me as a newlywed and our neighbor, they found. His name was Mike, and he had done to her that I never thought possible, but this changed my wife to a hot sexual woman. Before this happened was - I was experienced, and always make love only in the missionary totallynsfw position. She had never masturbated or sucked his cock and totallynsfw sucked on the other hand I never fuck pussy or ass. I did not know shit for 20 years, three or four times a week. Our love making has improved greatly in recent years, but to do this experiment on the two of us in the form of new and interesting form. But, obviously, dependent on Mike for about 20 years. She told me about what he did when he found out how excited I did this to me and told me he would do whatever they wanted. Once I said, was on a visit to Mike at work, he owned his own construction company, andhad decided to meet there. In the office there was a sofa - bed, she says, is sometimes used to sleep, when the risk was too drunk to drive home. Sandra came into his office about two o'clock in the afternoon, greeted her with a kiss and said, Jim is high, where I left off babysitting. Well, he said, that's all it is, Sandra unfairly setting a good totallynsfw father and is useful for cleaning up his cum out of my pussy. Mike put his arms to kiss my wife gently on the lips, as she responded to his kisses down his tongue in his mouth. Mike and Jim said it's totallynsfw really not honest enough to supply their needs, and he will always be there I know that the reason is my favorite, I come to you. totallynsfw Mike sat down to kiss Sandra caresses her body with his hands that were caressing her ass. Mike Ooor stroke is so beautiful to me in my underwear, it was difficult because she always wore short skirts and mini thong. He pulled it in I could feel his erection pressing hard rock in his belly kissed frantically, almost all meals, other microphone away and said that now my little slut strip me naked, she frantically. Therefore, his huge erection totallynsfw time dispossessed of about 8 to 10 inches and 2 inches thick. Now it's gone to scratch their own clothes in record time and took his big cock in her hands while pulling forward to meet their very firm tits and erect nipples. Back microphone hand caressing her ass, as his fingers slid over her wet mound as she slid her fingers, her pussy did not complain not stop to stop Mike. Hot damn the cow is doing to Jim, not as I do not know if it is caught to speak ( if you can call it that I always think of you. That's because you can only find and I'll fuck every time want to admit and never say no, right?. whatever you say I am yours my love for your needs. Lie down on the couch, he commanded, while I eat her pussy so he did and legs completely open. Mike between her knees open her legs and stoked tongue on her pussy huge, God said, dripping pussy convicted. Sandra was leaking and their juices flowing freely, as it licked her pussy to drink as much as he could. Mike pulled out of her pussy and said kiss me now even attempts whore, who eagerly took his usual shit in her mouth and she had her size. She had licked his cock clean, which means now, just do it for me. Doing what he said he just did not know. Not yet in her throbbing pussy go go ahead Mike. What are you laughing at me or what teasing bastard fuck me fuck totallynsfw me with that little bit in her pussy while she gasped and cried ho fucking microphone. slowly pushed his cock in and out of her pussy soaking with the speed with which Sandra was the confidence now as her orgasm shuddered through her body. Mike Ho I now fill me full of you, I want to fuck me baby sperm. His balls totallynsfw were tight and squeezing every last drop in fuck my bitch of a woman. At that time the open mic had forgotten to lock and had four of its workers were Sandra desperately tried to cover, but only with your hands as it was useless. Who is Mike ho shit he said its just my neighbor, Sandra, she was surprised, but Mike had feelings, he did, he liked to feel his cock deep up her pussy hic. Mike went to Sandra and said that these people work for me, has Mike not imagine, but all were between 20 and 30 years of age. If you just say totallynsfw what you need when a dirty whore has no end, no flame Sandra. Then Mike said, now here you see me do what I want, and totallynsfw they are well with you shit. Sandra remained silent while one of them was completely naked and getting off the couch as she tied him only pushed his cock sliding totallynsfw her wet pussy. She said, I do, t want to be full, as it was put to mourn as another cock from her mouth basket. This seam to stop her cryingg, on reaching the tail in its mouth and began to masturbate when mike said push down your throat loves to fuck. Without it still pushes the cock into her throat and said, I am going to fill your belly fucking scum. In the meantime, all the men were naked, and all were caressing her body totallynsfw in the mouth of a man shot his load down her throat, like I had to drink totallynsfw it all down. We still had a cock in her pussy Mike was playing his ass and two sucking her nipples. The men cried out, saying what a shit, a dirty and bloody cow Yeh microphone and she's married and I 've thrown a bay Wow, one man told me a baby can be my guest to hell, Mike said, are do everything, Sandra was all no matter what happens. Mike rose from her chair so she could rest and go to insert his cock into her ass hole he had done many times. Then came cock slid into her pussy and just in case, and one in her mouth open. Sandrawas thoroughly enjoyable now I do not care what he did in his body, said in a shake purely pleasurable orgasm, like the men filled every hole. Everyone got up and Mike was dropped on the couch, guys, what a dirty slag seems doomed to failure. Please do not call me Mike said shut up bitch, I answered and you have not caught, but now we are truly humble. At the same time Mike told why, only what you lie face down and do what they say. He turned around and Mike sat on his back, she was unable to move, totallynsfw because they wonder how to put what happened next. Mike said someone here, this open mic ass hole pissing in the ass done right, as a boy to get the right shot is golden piss in the ass. Sandra was moaning with pleasure as Mike cut up and turned it has a shower, he asked ooooor yes, now I will want to shower. All the men got up and showered with pee pussy remained open while it totallynsfw was full, and she screamed in my MonUTH I want it all to drink. She was overwhelmed with all its sting pee, but I loved every minute of it, even his hair was wet, totallynsfw and said he felt like a dirty whore, she had always wanted to be. Mike had gone to his totallynsfw house after all, running bloody and reeking of urine and semen. When he arrived, but had a baby to sleep, and was very smelly shit I'm a whore and slag dirty one, but do not want, no, I do not think so. Then he emptied a shower, I asked, of course, his answer was going to have to go to lick clean every inch of me. I'm not licking urine and semen to you, but you know your love I do not know, do that shit do now confess it, yes, my love I love you. What I offer to lick her pussy as her tits and finally her beautiful face ass hole. After cleaning, I was in her pussy, which is still flooded with all its charm and the mixture of urine. I came to a climax with my four at random and that came backIMPLIED fucking hell is that the best you can do. totallynsfw I know I am not very satisfied, but I have my request to know what you really want, otherwise, where our doberman dog wanted to lick her pussy.
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